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O'Donnell Moonshine - Handmade spirits from Manchester

Following the traditions we use only the best natural ingredients for our brandies and liqueurs. We bottle these in original Mason Jars - just like the gangsters during the American prohibition - to make the unique taste experience complete.

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Their Story 

Almost a hundred years ago, prohibition (1919-1933) ruled in the USA: the production and sale of alcohol was prohibited. An epoch of secrecy began. Moonshine was the name the farmers gave to their black distilled liquor, which they filled into preserving jars ("Mason Jars") and then sold on to smugglers, the so-called "bootleggers". The bottling jars were a precautionary measure because buying bottles quickly made people suspicious of being bootleggers.

We have brought back to life the disreputable drink. Our O'Donnell Moonshine is based in Manchester, and handcrafted to the old rules of the art of distillation. Here at O'Donnell Moonshine we bottle our drinks in authentic Mason Jars, just like traditional bootleggers did in an attempt to avoid being caught by the authorities! 

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